MyCrobeTM live bacteria delivery technology for growing specific bacterial communities on pre-selected particles for stable & highly resistant raw material

MyCrobeTM products uses nature’s ancient method of bacteria introduction and colonization to the human body, it combines this method with the bacteria’s most efficient survival tools to overcome the body natural barriers and colonization challenge. Unlike other probiotic products MyCrobeTM help good and necessary bacteria thrive in our body and make a change in our health and body conditions.

MyCrobeTM first products are due to be released to market at the end of 2016 after long list of tests which include safety, efficiency and stability, these tests were set as part of the company goal in addition to standard health and regulatory authorities requirements.

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MyBiotics 2nd generation delivery technology for multi bacterial products, to be used in our whole microbiome and feces free FMT product line. This revolutionary technology provides a powerful healing, microbiome restoration and screening tool to replace fecal transplant and allow long term recovery treatment for a verity of medical indications.

This technological breakthrough allow us to gain and maintain bacterial resistance and colonization in cases where whole microbiome or complexed bacterial combination is required.

Initial results show very high resemblance to human feces and healthy microbiome with indications for new species that were not yet cultured.